A trio for good sleep

Tips for a sleeping herbal pillow

To sleep better and more restful, make your own herbal bag with your favourite scent or effect. Here is a description of three different herbs you can use. Aou can find a small pillowcase like the Nallow, made of Belgian organic linen, and filled with Swiss millet hulls. Top it up with woodruff, lavender flowers, and Swiss stone pine shavings. Enjoy a good sleep!

Soon it will be May – woodruff time!

Galium odoratum, the sweet-scented bedstraw is a medicinal plant, nowadays mostly known from jelly or children's spray. The woodruff is a perennial plant with shiny stems and leaves. The woodruff was already cultivated in the Middle Ages and was used as a fragrance for laundry or for scented pillows. The pleasantly smelling herb is used in natural medicine as a calming agent, the intensive scent of the woodruff unfolds only when the plant begins to dry. Coumarin is responsible for this.

It is recommended to harvest woodruff before flowering, as the coumarin content of the plants increases relatively strongly afterwards. This means that woodruff can still be used in summer or autumn, but it should then be dosed even more sparingly. At the earliest in spring, before the beginning of its flowering period between mid-April and mid-May, the first stems of woodruff should be harvested. You can dry the harvest of the fresh woodruff in the oven at approx. 60℃ for 30-35 minutes for longer storage.

Lavender promotes sleep

Body and mind come to rest, nervousness and restlessness subside and falling asleep is also much easier: dried lavender flowers promote sleep. Extracts from lavender flowers have slightly calming, antiflatulent and cholagogic properties. They are used to alleviate symptoms such as restlessness, nervous exhaustion, difficulty falling asleep, migraines and nervous gastrointestinal and biliary complaints.

The wonderful scent of Swiss stone pine

For ages, Swiss stone pine has been said to have a health-promoting and calming effect. It has been proven to lower the heartbeat and promote deep sleep. Furthermore, its oil has an antibacterial effect and prevents the spread of mould and bacteria. Many people also use it just for its pleasant scent, which can provide peace and relaxation.