Why Linen?

A natural fibre

Linen is made of flax, a nature friendly fibre. Rainwater is all it requires to grow. Linen has numerous qualities that makes it a great fabric for bed textiles: It is cherished for its breathability and its heat regulating quality because it is highly absorbent. Depending on the weather, the fabric can retain water or repel it—up to 20% of its weight—without feeling damp to the touch.

A guaranteed sensation of well-being

Cool and fresh in summer, cosy and warm in winter, skin friendly all year around. Linen provides the best environment for a refreshing, luxury sleep. Linen is smooth and gets even softer the more it is washed without weakening over time. Linen has a soft drape and its slightly rumpled texture makes it naturally relaxed and welcoming. Supple, relaxing linen sheets are comfortable for sleeping and encourage regular sleep cycles.

Linen is an intrinsically hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial fabric with a soothing hand; inherent properties that have been known since the Middle Ages to help people with skin problems.

An ecological and sustainable product

Linen is a strong, sturdy fabric and has two to three times the strength of cotton. It is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. Wealthy European families used to pass linen sheets on to the younger generation as an heirloom.

Organic flax cultivation is certified without synthetic products, which implies that the use of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and regulators is prohibited. This ensures a complete absence of residues of these products in the fibre and the soil after harvesting. And last but not least, linen is fully biodegradable and its production process causes no waste.