Privacy Policy

Collection, processing and use of personal data

You can visit our website without providing any personal information. We only store data without reference to individuals such as your browser identifier or the names of files that you have been requesting. This data is used exclusively to improve our web service and is not linked to you or your behaviour.

Personal data is only collected if you provide it for placing an order or for creating a customer account. Without explicit agreement, we are going to use the data you have provided for processing and handling your order only. This data is deleted once all applicable retention periods as required by law have expired. When creating an account, we are going to verify your e-mail address by sending an e-mail including an activation code to the provided address. We also automatically assign a unique customer number to your account and store any information provided by you until you ask for deletion of your account with us (subject to possible retention periods required by law). This data can be changed by you at any time. Also, you may ask for deletion of your account at any time. When registering for our newsletter, your e-mail address may be used for promotional purposes until you unsubscribe from our newsletter again or delete your account. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

A customer account is an electronic collection of personal data and preferences of a customer, which can be accessed online at any time and which is protected against unauthorized access by means of individual account credentials (e-mail address and password). You can order goods from us without creating a customer account. If you have a customer account with us and have logged in with your credentials during the checkout process, all essential order information will be stored in your account. Afterwards, you can consult this information at any time by logging in with your account credentials. We recommend you to always log out before leaving our website using the menu "My Account > Logout".

All personal data provided by you is stored encrypted in our databases, which are operated on servers within the European Union or Switzerland.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored permanently or temporarily on your computer when visiting a web page. This website only uses so-called session cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of your browser session, i.e. when closing (all instances of) your browser. The session cookies set by this website do not contain any personal information and are solely used for the identification of users or customers after entering the personal account credentials and for temporary storage of shopping carts.

You can always disable cookies in your browser settings as a whole or for certain web pages or cookie types only. If cookies are disabled in your browser, you may not be able to enjoy all features of this website.

Use of Social Plugins

Our website makes use of a "social plugin" linked to the social network Facebook. This Facebook plugin is visualized by means of buttons labelled "Like" or "Share" and is operated exclusively by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.

The Facebook plugin is deactivated by default on our website (indicated by grey buttons), so that no data is sent to Facebook. By clicking any of these buttons once, the Facebook plugin becomes activated and connects to Facebook (indicated by blue buttons). If you are logged in with your Facebook account while the Facebook plugin is activated, Facebook is going to record both the fact that you have visited our website and possible further actions you are performing. More detailed information on purpose and extend of the data collected by Facebook can be found in Facebook's data policy at

Disclosure of personal data

We only disclose your postal address to the shipping company (for example, Swiss Post) when necessary to deliver the goods (and for this purpose only). If you select an external service provider for handling your payment during the checkout process, your payment details are going to be sent directly to the external service provider and are not processed or stored by us. For avoiding the latter, you may select the payment option "advance payment via bank transfer".

Right to information

According to the Swiss federal law on data protection, any person may request (free of charge) from the owner of a data collection to disclose whether the data collection contains information on him or her. At any time, you have the right to correct any information we have stored about you, to block its disclosure to third parties or to ask for deletion of your personal data. For questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data as well as requests for correction, blocking or deletion, please contact Nadia Diraä, Aspenweg 3, 5436 Würenlos (owner of the data collection at Natural Sleep) or send an e-mail to

Replication of privacy agreements

You may have consented to one or more of the following privacy agreements:

  • Yes, I have read Natural Sleep's privacy policy and agree to enable the Facebook plugin.
  • Yes, I have read Natural Sleep's privacy policy and agree to set up an account under these terms.
  • Yes, I do want to receive the Natural Sleep newsletter by e-mail. I am aware that I can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by deselecting this checkbox and saving my account settings.
  • Yes, I do want to delete my account! I am aware that all my account settings will be lost and cannot be recovered. Except for a confirmation of this account deletion, you will not receive any further messages from us to your registered e-mail address (unless you re-register with us).

We are obliged by law to make the text of these agreements available on our website at any time. You may revoke any of your consents at any time with immediate effect. Any consents or revocations are recorded by us.

Last updated: 27/1/2018

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