Linen care

Washing instructions

Natural Sleep wants you to get the best of your linen and helps you to care for it by providing the best tips on how to wash linen. You don't need to store them away for special occasions, you can enjoy them every day. Regular washing will soften it, adding to its smoothness and suppleness. It's a low maintenance fabric since it naturally resists dirt and stains more easily than other textiles.

Washing Machine

All of our linens are machine washable. We recommend the gentle or delicate cycle with like colors, with 40° water and a natural, mild laundry detergent.

Unfold and unbutton your linens completely before putting it into the washing machine, and do not overload the machine. Linen should be washed with plenty of water.

Hang to dry

On warm and sunny days your linen will love being air dried outside in your own backyard. This is also the most environmentally friendly option. You can hang it to dry using pegs on a line or drape it over a laundry rack.

If you don't have an outside space or the weather doesn't cooperate, linen can be tumble dried. Choose a low heat and remove before the linen turns completely dry to preserve its softness.


We love linens slightly rumpled texture and usually don't iron it. But if you need a more polished look, you can best iron your linen while still being moist.

Use a steam or hot iron when needed and turn the fabric inside out. For tenacious wrinkles, dampen with a spray bottle of water and the wrinkles will relax.

No bleach

Do not use chlorine bleach, whiteners or fabric softeners. Bleach can deteriorate fabrics, irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs and shouldn't be used in households.

Fabric softeners were invented for synthetics which can smell, and are not needed for natural fibers like linen. Softeners may even harm the fibers destroying their beautiful look.