Bring back a good night's sleep

Nothing beats the feeling of starting the day right by waking up to clean, organic, natural, non-toxic bedding. Our organic bedlinen made of European flax fibres is all you need for this. Cool and fresh in summer, cosy and warm in winter, skin friendly all year around, linen provides the best environment for a refreshing, luxury sleep.

Natural Sleep was founded to bring back this feeling by providing the best quality linen combined with unique natural and relaxing designs. In a world where almost everything is synthetic, the touch of a reassuringly genuine material like linen can make all the difference in reconnecting to nature and putting your mind at ease.

High quality and European craftsmanship

For centuries, flax has been grown and transformed into linen fabrics throughout Flanders, the westernmost region of Belgium, known since the Renaissance for its prosperity and culture. The very special combination of climate and soil paired with the knowledge of the European flax cultivation tradition make the European, especially Belgian, linen quality to stand out worldwide.

Natural and inspiring designs

To bring comfort to both your body and your mind, Natural Sleep brings you designs inspired by nature. Most of all, Natural Sleep bedlinen emanates a calm and relaxed aura. We do so by using a serene colour palette to bring a natural peace of mind into your bedroom.

Stay Tuned

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